Kenyan woman shares SGR’s good and bad

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Days after President Uhuru Kenyatta’s launch of SGR passenger services between Nairobi and Mombasa, one Rhoda Tsuma has given her review.

The President launched the rides on May 31, saying goodbye to the “lunatic train” launched a century and 22 years ago. He said hitches were expected in the first stages of operation.

Tsuma complained of lack of online booking, no directions and rude attendants.

Here is her post:

  1. No point buying a 1st class ticket. There’s no priority ticketing office and no priority check in. Everyone is huddled together like cattle irrespective of what you paid Sh700 or Sh3000.
  2. They keep time. I liked this. I am a stickler for time. Many people were left behind because they couldn’t keep time. Crying to deaf ears about traffic.
  3. They were not ready to launch. The restaurants on the station and in the train are not open yet. Carry your food and drinks from home.
  4. No priority for children or elderly. No help either.
  5. They don’t take cards or M-Pesa for ticket payment. Carry cash or go to hell.
  6. No signage directions to the railway stations. One could easily get lost. Signage on the highway would help.
  7. Corruption has reared its ugly head already. Askaris at the station pre-buy tickets in bulk then sell them outside the station at a premium. I saw a Chinese family find their way through to the train without paying. They had no tickets and so the Kenyan security team told them to go buy tickets. They rudely told them off and said that they can speak Chinese to the superiors. Long story… but I was thoroughly upset about the whole scene. It looked like a movie.
  8. On Friday and Sunday, they (management) might need to have two trips from either side.
  9. Online ticketing is needed as soon as possible.
  10. Why do we have Chinese folk doing jobs Kenyans can do? Like ticketing?
  11. They should at least learn English and Swahili before doing some of those non technical jobs.
  12. Kenyans need to learn how to use public toilets. Guys are filth
  13. The views are the best one will ever experience in Kenya. The elephants in Tsavo are right at arm’s length. The flora and fauna of this country is unmatched.
  14. I think every Kenyan should try the ride. If you have relatives who cannot afford the 700, please be kind and give them a gift.
  15. The train is a good thing for this country and especially commuters who have been fleeced by bus and air companies.
  16. All the above things can be sorted out in less than a day. Looking forward to having the line go to serve our brothers and sisters in Northern Kenya , Western and Uasin Gishu areas.

Source: The star


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